Through our travels, we’ve learned just how beautiful the world truly is. Because of that, we know we need to fight to protect it and keep it beautiful. We wanted to reduce our footprint and help clean up the earth. But, we knew we weren’t enough. We decided to invite families, especially those with children, to to join us and reduce their footprints as well. Children are the future, and by teaching them to live sustainably, the world can be a little bit better.

We believe that living simply and sustainably comes naturally to children. Our hope is to help teach children be more present and love living a simpler life. Children are constantly growing and changing sizes. They often have dozens of outfits that never get worn, and many times, they are hard to match. This excess contributes to the harmful impact of the fashion industry. We want to change that.

Less Clothes

Our clothing is designed to pair well and last longer so your child’s ecological footprint is as small as them. Here at Ellie & Anders, we’re passionate about reducing the impact we have on the planet. We source our materials from partners that commit to a sustainable future.

We wanted to make your child’s wardrobe smaller, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less adorable. Your child will love their clothes and love sustainability! Our earth-toned colors pair easily and are the perfect minimalist look for the mini-fashionista. They need less washing, will hold up longer than the competition, and are made as sustainable as possible.

Our Packaging

Packaging is inevitable, but we do everything we can to make it better for the environment. We send our clothes in non-plastic containers that are eco-friendly. They can serve multiple purposes, so you can rest easy knowing they use less waste.

Rehome Program

Children grow up too fast. They also grow out of their clothes. Because we love the planet and our clothes, we will rehome your old capsule when you buy the next size up for your child. It’s a win-win because you’ll get a discount and another child gets quality clothes. Our sustainability comes full circle with our rehome program. Clothes must be in good, worn condition.


The stretch on these pants are awesome! My son loves hiking in these, and they are so easy to dress up too. The sand color goes with almost everything, and I love the deep red of the hickory — it’s such a beautiful color but surprisingly versatile.


Such a great everyday shirt! I love wool more and more for so many reasons – that it’s sustainable, durable, and just really comfortable to wear. Also really like that it’s wrinkle resistant, especially since I’ve been packing this for my son on trips.


I love the idea of a travel capsule for kids, and this shirt is the perfect staple. Since this shirt is merino wool, it is great on its own, and as a base layer for cold weather and snow!


This shirt is as advertised – it is the perfect all day shirt! Our son wore it hiking and hanging out. We love this wool basic!


These Adventure Pants are the best pants for our active boys. They love the stretch and the lightweight material is perfect for hiking and biking. As a parent, I love how they look and they match everything! These are must-have staples!


We were gifted a round the world dress and have really enjoyed it. It’s definitely a favorite of my daughter’s. She loves the pockets and how twirly it is. I enjoy how cute and well made it is- perfect for looking nice while still being able to run around and play without any worries.

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