Welcome to the Ellie&Anders family!  So glad to have you here.  We are passionate about making adventures with kids simple. The children’s capsule wardrobe is a year-round essential that is designed to simplify your child’s life as they explore the world. Parents and children can have more adventures with less. We believe that we can live simpler lives that have less impact on the planet. We’ve created these capsule wardrobes from natural and durable materials so that the clothes could be part of a more sustainable lifestyle. All our clothes are ethically made in the USA to support local jobs and ensure the highest quality.

ellie and anders quickdry dark

Our fabrics dry overnight, so they’re ready for the next day’s adventures.

ellie and anders feather dark

Ellie & Anders fabrics won’t weigh your mini down.

ellie and anders packable dark

Compact and wrinkle-resistant, our clothing is perfect for any trip.

ellie and anders worldwide

Our clothes last longer, pair better, and need less washing for a more sustainable wardrobe.

ellie and anders transport ready

We pack in eco-friendly, plastic-free materials.


Why other adventurous families love Ellie&Anders?

The best dress! My daughter loves how it twirls and it has pockets for her to collect little treasures we find on our adventures!


My daughter loves this shirt. It is super comfortable and it pairs well with anything!


These are the perfect pants for my very active toddler! They are adorable too!


Awesome leggings! My daughter always manages to get holes in her leggings but these have held up great!


Love this shirt! Living in the south, it is hard to find a long sleeve shirt that is lightweight enough to wear, but this one is perfect for my son!


What a great and comfortable pants. My picky 5 year old boys is super picky about the softness and comfort of the pants and he absolutely loves his sand pants. Hiking or biking or many other activities. Fast to dry and super small when folded 🙂

JEKO Adventures

Our 5 year old boy has a black and flint colour and he absolutly loves it!!! Either hikes in the mountains or riding a bike, he could wear it all they long !! Dries fast, super small to fold!!! We just love it!!

JEKO Adventure

These are cozy and so functional for play time!! They fit great, wash well, and hold up well to childhood play. I’m so pleased with these items!


I wish they had this in adult size! Everything about capsule is perfect. I love all the little details and the fit of the clothes. It all fits well, washes well, and looks absolutely adorable.


These fit perfectly, wash well and pair with just about anything! A great staple for the wardrobe.


Beautiful top! So lightweight. I love the color and It is so soft. It washes up very nicely. Doesn’t stretch or shrink (I even accidentally put it in the dryer!) my sons favorite shirt!


My son lives in these pants. They fit really well, pack up very nicely, are durable, and dry very quickly! Perfect for outdoor adventures and playtime.


These are so well made! Very lightweight. Incredibly packable. Nice color and stretch.


The stretch on these pants are awesome! My son loves hiking in these, and they are so easy to dress up too. The sand color goes with almost everything, and I love the deep red of the hickory — it’s such a beautiful color but surprisingly versatile.


I love the idea of a travel capsule for kids, and this shirt is the perfect staple. Since this shirt is merino wool, it is great on its own, and as a base layer for cold weather and snow!


This shirt is as advertised – it is the perfect all day shirt! Our son wore it hiking and hanging out. We love this wool basic!


These Adventure Pants are the best pants for our active boys. They love the stretch and the lightweight material is perfect for hiking and biking. As a parent, I love how they look and they match everything! These are must-have staples!


We were gifted a round the world dress and have really enjoyed it. It’s definitely a favorite of my daughter’s. She loves the pockets and how twirly it is. I enjoy how cute and well made it is- perfect for looking nice while still being able to run around and play without any worries.

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